The concepts of building have been steeped in the owners of Nash Construction. With a rare lineage of excellent craftsmen, Frank and Stephen Nash are third generation contractors and second generation contractors in the Tahoe area. Their father Frank Sr. built 330 homes in the early 60’s to the early 80’s in the Tahoe and Truckee Basin and pioneered a style of home that other contractors mimicked to glean from his success. No one knows the Tahoe area and its extremes for building better than these two men. From spectacular unique homes to quaint, cabins, detail and total satisfaction are the creed of Nash Construction. Every project is given the utmost thought and care for the dreams of the client. With the experience and knowledge of three generations of building distinct homes, these two brothers have the tools necessary to make your imagination a reality. Genuine, honest, hardworking, and brilliant are the words used to describe Frank and Stephen.

Company History

Frank and Stephen Nash are brothers from a family of nine siblings. Raised on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe, the Nash boys left no rock unturned. Fishing, dirt biking, camping, sledding, skiing- these two made this area their home. Their dad Frank Nash Sr. supported his family by building homes all around Truckee and the Lake Tahoe basin. Renowned for a signature style of home, Frank Sr. built 330 homes when this area began to boom. Following in their father’s footsteps, Frank and Stephen both took up the trade. Frank received most of his training working under his dad while Stephen pursued education through the Carpenters Union.frank-sr

In 2001, Frank and Stephen unified their separate businesses into one- Nash Construction. In 2004, Nash Construction became incorporated. Both Frank and Stephen are tempered, tried and true carpenters, business men, and family men.

Frank Nash Jr.


Born in 1955, has three children and five grand kids. Frank’s gift for construction and his understanding of the process is unparalleled. His ability to see beyond what the engineer and architect have drawn is what separates Nash Construction from other contractors. He has poured his whole life into being the best builder, and without doubt he is truly a master craftsman.

Stephen Nashsteve

Born in 1956, has four children and one grand kid. Stephen, a very skilled builder, handles the majority of estimates and relations with clients. He has the client’s interests at the top of his list. A very warm and genuine man- Stephen holds a high regard for his word being his bond. Everyone who has met and worked with or for him has a high regard for him and his character.

Zach Nash

Son and nephew to Stephen and Frank, Zach has been working in the construction trade since he was in his early teens, trained by his father and uncles, and by the college courses he has pursued. He is also an asset to the company’s inner-workings and media output, as well as the job site construction, and is a very personable bright young man.

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